The new MacBook and MacBook Pro

1 11 2008
The new MacBook

The new MacBook from Apple. Look familiar...?

By Max at 3:39 PM

Well, they’re here. The new MacBook and the new MacBook Pro. Possibly the most anticipated release since the first iBook, these two machines are a step foward in many ways, but a step backwards in others. In my opinion Apple wasn’t aiming at upgrading the current Mac users with this new model. I think they were aiming at making PC users switch. Let’s face it, Apple hit a home run design wise with the MacBook Air. It may not have had all the ports we wanted but it looked so good that it started to make PC users switch, paticularly younger users or people who had never owned a computer of their own before. So it’s no big suprise that the new MacBook range look very similar to the MacBoom Air. Silver body, black keyboard, large trackpad… I happen to know a middle aged woman who recently switched to the new MacBook. She’s been working in administration and has always been a PC user, but in recent times she had experienced some rather anoying problems with Windows XP on her HP Laptop. Eventually, after re-installing XP several times to no avail she began to consider getting a new notebook. She had been looking at newer PCs for some time when she noticed my friends MacBook and decided to have a little play on it. She was amazed by its speed, its looks and above all the fact that, unlike her old HP it actually worked with her printer. And her wireless network. And her scanner. And her email, etc. etc. So she finally made up her mind to get a new MacBook. She didn’t get the white model, she got the low end silver model. So, althogh the new MacBook is missing FireWire, it’s not missing much else and looks imensly better. Present Mac users aren’t likely to do an upgrade to this new model but PC users are going to switch. Largely because of Windows Vista being so terrible and of course becuase such a large amount of PC users own iPods, they want their computer to go with it, and who can deny that the new MacBooks really are exceptional peices of design work.




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