Strategic Assault for the iPhone

12 11 2008

By Jonathan at 6:51 PM

sascreen1A new game by the name of Strategic Assault recently saw its iPhone debut. It may be the first real time strategy game published on the iPhone platform, but is it really all that great?

Strategic Assault has very similar feel to that of the Command & Conquer series. You can create a variety of little fighters like tanks, jeeps, and helicopters with which you capture resources.  As in most RTS games your ultimate goal is to hunt down the opposition with a squad of your finest men…or whatever troops you can afford anyways.

Those of you new to Strategic Assault may marvel over it, what with the four out of five star rating it holds, but it really is an antique. I first played Strategic Assault over five years ago on my Palm M100 which had a 16 MHz processor and 8MB of ram/storage. Read the rest of this entry »


Upcoming Game Releases

15 10 2008

By Spencer at 10:53 AM, CST

It’s October 15th, and amid the talk of new MacBooks yesterday and Nehalem vs Shanghai before who knows when we have the gamer and his need for that oh-so-important gaming adrenaline.  Here at The Tech Lunch, we’ve played it all, from Age of Empires to Zelda and everything in between, and we know that, for some of our viewers, these upcoming release dates are of utmost importance.  Why shouldn’t they be?  New games are the lifeblood of the gaming world because they keep it fresh.  Amazing top tenners like Deus Ex, Thief, and System Shock serve as a foundation, a shining example of what to work towards when crafting a masterpiece.  Here, I will give a brief synopsis of several highly anticipated games – read on to find out more about them. Read the rest of this entry »

Tech Lunch Sponsored Event

10 10 2008

By Jonathan at 1:28 PM

The Tech Lunch is hosting it’s first sponsored event tonight: Counter Strike Source and Halo 3 Lan Party in Columbia Missouri starting at 6:30 PM Central. Come join part of the staff along with other viewers tonight in Columbia or online using steam. For location information, email


The Tech Lunch Counter Strike Source tournament is located at

Server: thetechlunch Password: thetechlunch

For Halo Fans

9 10 2008

By Dan at 10:56 AM

Last evening Bungie posted the official trailer for it’s upcoming game Halo 3: Recon.  This is following the previous teasers (such as the “Keep it Clean” campaign a month or so back), giving a much more defined look at what the game is about.

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AMD to Break Up

7 10 2008

By Spencer at 7:00 AM


AMD, also known as Advanced Micro Devices, is spinning off its fabs into a separate company to cut costs.  Rumors of this have been flying around for quite a while, but only now is the rumor actually coming to fruition.  This new company will be known as Foundry, Co., and will manufacture chips for AMD and other companys as well – funding will be coming from an investment company from Abu Dhabi, who will provide up to $6 billion US dollars.

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Bored? Waste time trying some useful and useless downloads.

7 10 2008

By Chad at 1:39 AM


General Usefulness:

Nodobe: Available for everything Firefox is (so everything)

If you’re like me, you hate opening PDFs online – it takes forever and causes Firefox to chew up resources. Well this wonderful little addon to Firefox will take away the need for Acrobat Reader to open PDF’s. Head on over to Nodobe’s website and check it out here.

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Apple switching to NVIDIA?

6 10 2008

By Jonathan at 11:00 AM


Most Mac Heads know that rumors are spreading of Apple switching over to NVIDIA for their integrated graphics chipsets. As of recently, its been reported that NVIDIA executives have and are showing off MacBooks powered by NVIDIA. If so, we may have a better Apple consumer level gaming laptop on our hands. We should find out during the next Apple product launch in eight days!