Microsoft Puts up “I’m a PC” recording booth outside Apple Store

1 11 2008

By Kris at 10:23 AM

We all remember how bad those commercials with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld were and apparently so did Microsoft. Because they decided to take a different approach to cleaning up Vista’s bad image that was destroyed by Apple’s “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” ads by placing a Microsoft-branded kiosk in front of an Apple store in Bullring, Birmingham, England. The kiosk lets you record “I’m a PC” video which will later be used in Vista’s commercials. The kiosk has 3 Microsoft staff members which assist you in making the video. The kiosk will be there for 3 days then it’ll most likely move to a different location. But that’s just half the story to Microsoft’s $300 million advertising campaign, Microsoft also invited visitors to its website to upload videos and photos to show “how they, too, are PCs.” The clips and photos are going to be used in commercials that will air sometime this week. As for the Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld ads Microsoft has decided to postpone them for another time.




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