PanDigital Photo Frame Review

9 12 2008

By Jonathan


The Tech Lunch got their hands on the new 7 inch Digital Photo Frame from Pandigital this holiday season and it is fantastic. Read the rest of this entry »


Sneaky Youtube rolling out HD?

5 12 2008

Techcrunch today posted an article discussing what looks to be the roll out of HD content on Youtube. No announcement has been made by Youtube who also updated the look of their site and went widescreen within the last few weeks. The chatter has been that Youtube may be evaluating HD worthy (content that meets the HD resolution requirements) content and offering it as an alternative version to the standard definition. Read the rest of this entry »

Top Seven Chicks of Tech

4 12 2008

1. Morgan Webb – Former cohost on “Tech TV”



R2D2 Mail Box in Miami

4 12 2008

By Jonathan Brownfield


You can find this box on the corner of Lincoln Road and Washington Avenue in South Beach – Miami, Florida.

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Stay-at-home system administrator

30 11 2008

By Erwin Blonk, November 30th, 9:55PM.

With the rise of home networks, a form of system administration has slowly creeped into the home. Windows Home Server has preceded Linux in this category but these, whether that is correct or not, appealed more to the techno-savvy consumers. With centralizing data and functionality comes the necessity of keeping it organized.

Microsoft has released version 1.1of the Windows Home Server Toolkit. Main parts of lie in two basic funtions: troubleshooting connections and error reporting. Being a system administrator in the corporate world this sounds familiar, and it will be interesting to see how Microsoft will balance the need for home system administration with users that don’t necessarily care to know every nut and bolt of their computers.

Vista Transformation Pack

30 11 2008

I’m sure a lot of people out there have heard of the Vista Transformation Pack, a software bundle that ads a number of Vista’s features (as well as a clone of Vista’s ‘Aero’ theme) to Windows XP. I used it a few years ago and have to say, it’s not great. It does add some useful things to XP but it slows the computer down considerably.

Vista Transformation Pack dosn't always work

Vista Transformation Pack dosn't always work properly.

Some of the features that I liked included Vista SideBar, a tool that mimicked the SideBar in Vista, ViStart, a clone of the Vista Start menu (rather buggy though) and WinFlip, a peice of Software that simulates the Start+Tab flip hing in Vista. I ended up removing the pack because it drastically lowered my system performance. In some cases it took 5 times as long to do something in XP with the Transformation Pack than in XP without it. Unfortunatly the Pack also messed up my Audio Drivers.

When compared to the speed of real copy of Vista on the same machine, the Pack was faster but by so little it hardly mattered. If you have an old PC, I don’t suggest trying the pack or attempting to install Vista itself, just stick with what works for you  –  XP.

17 ways to survive a Mac Disaster.

19 11 2008

By Jonathan


Mac Life has came up with 17 great ways for you to survive almost every Mac disaster. Read the rest of this entry »