Compact Flash Showdown – Lexar vs Sandisk

8 12 2008

By Jonathan

lexarFor all of our photographer viewers, The Tech Lunch did a side by side comparison of Lexar vs Sandisk. The winner is clear, but we were surprised by how much.

For the first comparison we used a MacBook Air with the Lexar Professional UDMA USB 2.0 Reader. This reader is by far my favorite out there. Its a very quick reader that feature both a SD and Compact Flash slots. We tested both manufactures latest and fastest cards. The compact flash cards tested were the 2GB Sandisk Extreme IV and the 4GB Lexar Professional UDMA. We did the same tests with a Sandisk card reader, but got worse test times. The Lexar card reader was significantly fast for both brands of cards.

Sandisk write time: 2 minutes 14 seconds
Sandisk read time: 1 minutes 29 seconds
Lexar write time: 1 minute 49 seconds
Lexar read time: 1 minute 17 seconds

The clear winner is Lexar.

*Due to the Macbook Air’s slow hard drive, we will be conducting the same tests using a brand new iMac later on this week*




2 responses

3 09 2009

Hey, just a FYI writing and reading speed of a USB connect to mac is a bad test… u need to test it inside a camera, that is where it really matters…

3 03 2010

Electronic memory,to me, is something that I seem to be unable to ever have enough of. It’s as if megabytes and gigabytes have become a permanent part of my every day existence. Ever since I bought a Micro SD Card for my NDS flash card, I’ve been on permanent watch for high memory at cheap prices. It’s driving me crazy.(Posted on Nintendo DS running R4i DS WhatPost)

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