Nvidia 8600 review

14 12 2008

For a while now I have been using the Nvidia 8600 on my main desktop PC and it’s been working out wonderfully. The graphic card can handle very high end games with not a lot of trouble depending on how much memory the card has, this particular card has 512mb of memory and I’ve been playing games on high performance for quite a while now and I’ve had no problems at all.

When I first booted up a game moving from an Intel chipset I found the change was not only amazing but it was mind blowing! Instead of the lag I was getting when scrolling maps and designing things when I used the Intel Chipset I was now getting no lag and I was on top graphics, there was no more of that pathetic two coloured water and poor looking trees, it was now water that looked astounding and trees that sway in the wind that give games an “alive” feel. The change was nothing less of astonishing.

I was extremely happy with the Nvidia 8600. It was easily installed, gave my gaming life a real uplift, and was defiantly what I was looking for. I recommend this graphic card to people who are looking for smooth gaming and a good time on their computer. I really enjoy using this graphic card on my computer and there aren’t a lot of cards out there that I prefer to this one.

Thanks for reading all, Have a good one.

By Matthew Willison




4 responses

18 12 2008

This review was lame and unhelpful.
The writer was clearly a n00b and shouldn’t write for this once informative site.

18 12 2008

Very funny Rachel, I would like to think you will not leave stupid comments any more.

18 12 2008

Actually, it’s a bloody great review, and I LOOK FORWARD TO MORE FROM MATTY MATTY MATU!! Ignore this “Bridget”, she’s a nobody, a lame excuse for a commenter too, and should be disconnected from the internet.
Matthew KNOWS what he’s doing, and so do the other fine people at the tech lunch!

18 12 2008

*laughs* hey bridget, you actually suck. the kind of person that you are, you really disgust me. got anything better to do? apart from try and upset people who are really just the best one can meet? YOU ARE A FAILURE “BRIDGET” 😐

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