Contour Design’s Flick iPhone 3G Case Review

12 12 2008

By Spencer at 6:53 PM CST


For the past month or so, I have been using the Flick iPhone 3G case by Contour Design.  Using it on my iPhone 3G, of course.  Overall, I have found it to be quite a satisfying case for the iPhone.  Read on for more information.


When I first took the case out of its package, I thought that it felt quite flimsy in my hands, especially the strip around the volume control.  The plastic was polished and shiny, however – note the reflection of my French’s mustard (good fuel for any gamer in need.)  After slipping it on my iPhone 3G, however, I never felt it again.  It fits the iPhone 3G very well and no longer feels flimsy – it is a solid case once on the phone itself, and will protect it from minor drops and scrapes.  Combine this with any $1 screen protector on eBay and you have a phone that will handle most things that aren’t bulldozers.  Neither the camera, buttons, nor headphone jack are blocked or obstructed in any way.  Now, my investment is protected, and the most important part of all: I don’t notice it, ever.

The Tech Lunch gives Contour Design’s Flick iPhone 3G case an Editor’s Choice in iPhone 3G cases (talk about a niche category.)


Can You Spot The Case? Yeah, Neither Can I




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