Contour Design’s Flick iPhone 3G Case Review

12 12 2008

By Spencer at 6:53 PM CST


For the past month or so, I have been using the Flick iPhone 3G case by Contour Design.  Using it on my iPhone 3G, of course.  Overall, I have found it to be quite a satisfying case for the iPhone.  Read on for more information.

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Wal-Mart Selling the iPhone Confirmed

8 12 2008

By Kris at 4:27 PM

10-15-07-iphone1It has been confirmed that Wal-Mart will sell the iPhone towards the end of December, but it is still unknown whether Apple will sell the previous iPhone for $99. Employees in many Wal-Mart stores are going through training detailing how they are supposed to sell the iPhone. In a note on december fifth Shaw Wu, an analyst for Kaufman Brothers in San Francisco, said “One of the key things Apple needs to do to drive broader iPhone adoption is to build a more complete product line” with low- end, mid-range and high-end products. So Shaw Wu is basically saying that Apple needs to make a low-budget iPhone, a standard iPhone, and then the high end iPhone. Just as Apple did with the iPods you got the Shuffle, Nano, Video, and Touch. As of right now I don’t have an iPhone, but if it’s going to cost $100 I know I will be getting one. Would you? Comment.

$99 iPhone Coming to Wal-Mart

5 12 2008


By Kris at 11:13 PM

There lately have been rumors that Wal-Mart might start selling the iPhone for only a measly $99 with a two year contract. But don’t get too excited because this iPhone will be the original one that Apple first came out with so the iPhone will only have 4GB of space and it won’t have 3G connectivity. But as of now this isn’t 100% positive but if Apple goes through with this then they’re going to control a lot of the mobile industry and will this be the end for Windows Mobile smartphones? Or will it spark up completion which will force other companies such as Google to lower their price on the G1? What do you think? Comment.

iPhone 2.2 Software Update

21 11 2008

By Jonathan

Apple has released another software update for the iPhone, iPhone 2.2. Among other things, the updated OS features Google Street View and streaming podcasts via WIFI or your data plan. I have already tried it out, and both new features work fantastically. I have been waiting for real streaming podcasts for months, so this update is something I have realy been looking forward to. Thus far iPhone users have had to use other podcast solutions which were incomplete and far inferior. Now if we could only see a copy & paste option!

Strategic Assault for the iPhone

12 11 2008

By Jonathan at 6:51 PM

sascreen1A new game by the name of Strategic Assault recently saw its iPhone debut. It may be the first real time strategy game published on the iPhone platform, but is it really all that great?

Strategic Assault has very similar feel to that of the Command & Conquer series. You can create a variety of little fighters like tanks, jeeps, and helicopters with which you capture resources.  As in most RTS games your ultimate goal is to hunt down the opposition with a squad of your finest men…or whatever troops you can afford anyways.

Those of you new to Strategic Assault may marvel over it, what with the four out of five star rating it holds, but it really is an antique. I first played Strategic Assault over five years ago on my Palm M100 which had a 16 MHz processor and 8MB of ram/storage. Read the rest of this entry »

Chuck, the iPhone and Agent 18

11 11 2008

By Jonathan Brownfield at 2:07 AM

For those of you not familiar with NBC’s TV series Chuck, the show is about an average Joe tech geek who ends up secretly working undercover for the CIA.

Many of you may have noticed that Chuck uses an iPhone, but most of you probably haven’t been able to figure which case he is using, The Tech Lunch has the scoop. Read the rest of this entry »

iPhone Battery Pack Showdown

10 11 2008

By Jonathan at 12:23 PM


Anyone who owns an iPhone can testify that the battery life on both the 1st and 2nd generation is horrible. When you are going from using smart phones that lasted a week to a phone that must be charged every night, it takes some getting use to. My previous Nokia Communicator would easily last an entire weekend of heavy use on a single charge. We here at The Tech Lunch have found three options to help ease your power issues.

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