iPhone Holiday Gift Guide

8 12 2008

By Jonathan

Geeks2Girls has searched though hundreds of apps in the iTunes app store to bring you our favorites for this holiday season. Weather you are traveling on vacation or sitting around with the family, you are sure to need a little entertainment.


Wal-Mart Selling the iPhone Confirmed

8 12 2008

By Kris at 4:27 PM

10-15-07-iphone1It has been confirmed that Wal-Mart will sell the iPhone towards the end of December, but it is still unknown whether Apple will sell the previous iPhone for $99. Employees in many Wal-Mart stores are going through training detailing how they are supposed to sell the iPhone. In a note on december fifth Shaw Wu, an analyst for Kaufman Brothers in San Francisco, said “One of the key things Apple needs to do to drive broader iPhone adoption is to build a more complete product line” with low- end, mid-range and high-end products. So Shaw Wu is basically saying that Apple needs to make a low-budget iPhone, a standard iPhone, and then the high end iPhone. Just as Apple did with the iPods you got the Shuffle, Nano, Video, and Touch. As of right now I don’t have an iPhone, but if it’s going to cost $100 I know I will be getting one. Would you? Comment.

Compact Flash Showdown – Lexar vs Sandisk

8 12 2008

By Jonathan

lexarFor all of our photographer viewers, The Tech Lunch did a side by side comparison of Lexar vs Sandisk. The winner is clear, but we were surprised by how much. Read the rest of this entry »

The tech way to pop the big question

7 12 2008

If you get to the point you are going to propose and you feel a desire to make it a bit different….This box, which sets you back somewhere between $100 and $250 depending on the bells and whistles you choose, can even pop the queston for you, with photos, audio and video.  Don’t worry if you can’t keep it short, it holds up to an hour of video. Just make sure you upload the right file.

Naturally, you want rings that fit the box they came in and although you might be pushing it a bit, this set could be just the thing for $340.

The Ultimate Tech Car – Audi R8

5 12 2008

Geeks 2 Girls did a review of the Audi R8 and the tech behind the beast.


Geeks 2 Girls recently got to test drive and review the most sought after cars in the world, the Audi R8. The R8 is Audi’s first attempt at a super car, and it did a fantastic job. The car is based off of Audi’s lemans race car. The car is great for any racing enthusiast or for getting the attention of almost any girl, because of its exclusivity. Its a real head turner!

Click here for the full review.

Sneaky Youtube rolling out HD?

5 12 2008

Techcrunch today posted an article discussing what looks to be the roll out of HD content on Youtube. No announcement has been made by Youtube who also updated the look of their site and went widescreen within the last few weeks. The chatter has been that Youtube may be evaluating HD worthy (content that meets the HD resolution requirements) content and offering it as an alternative version to the standard definition. Read the rest of this entry »

$99 iPhone Coming to Wal-Mart

5 12 2008


By Kris at 11:13 PM

There lately have been rumors that Wal-Mart might start selling the iPhone for only a measly $99 with a two year contract. But don’t get too excited because this iPhone will be the original one that Apple first came out with so the iPhone will only have 4GB of space and it won’t have 3G connectivity. But as of now this isn’t 100% positive but if Apple goes through with this then they’re going to control a lot of the mobile industry and will this be the end for Windows Mobile smartphones? Or will it spark up completion which will force other companies such as Google to lower their price on the G1? What do you think? Comment.