The FCC’s free Internet Plan

2 12 2008

By Kris at 6:55 PM

FCCOn December 18th the Federal Communications Commission, whom control basic TV signals and radio waves, will hold a meeting regarding the auction of a portion of unused air waves called Advanced Wireless Service-3 (AWS-3). Unfortunately for the winner this spectrum of airwaves doesn’t come without a few hitches, one such being that the company that buys them has to give away 25% of the bandwidth as free wireless nationwide broadband at a speed of 768 Kbps. Also despite the fact the company will own 75% of the bandwidth on the spectrum, the remaining 25% could carry a number of rules along with it. One of the most debated is the proposed ban on content of pornographic or questionable legality, as proposed by FCC chairman Kevin Martin.  The “ban” isn’t necessarily permanent, and access to some of the material can be regained by opting out of the restriction program by adults (presumably through some form of age verification). But T-Mobile has lodged a complaint that the airwaves will effect their new high-speed data network, but the FCC ignored their comment.




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