Boxee: Unboxing the Media Experience (invites)

1 12 2008

boxee_logoWith television viewership on the decline and so many of us watching our favorite shows at our own convenience online it was only a matter of time before one or more clever companies helped us bridge the gap between our favorite online media services and our televisions. is leading the way!

Although still in closed alpha, Boxee has been gaining steam as the open source media application of choice. Previously it could only pull in content from your networked drives similar to iTunes, but the latest version of Boxee now also enables you to watch content from tons of sources. Hulu, CBS, Comedy Central, CNN and more are all at your fingertips. Boxee doesn’t stop at just video. You can also stream music from you account, your local iTunes library, and even photos from Flickr. Better yet, you can easily add any video rss feed to your Boxee account and watch it as its own channel.

Boxee TV Preview

Did I forget to mention that Boxee is also a social application? You can connect with other Boxee users as friends, see what they have been watching, and recommend content with a few clicks.

With Boxee’s initial release you could only experience content directly on your computer or on a HD TV with an adapter and HDMI cable, but Boxee’s latest version is now compatible with your Apple TV. Using a USB patchstick you can install the application directly on your Apple TV and take in all the good stuff while sitting back on your couch (this is how I have it set up). When asked what the future brings for Boxee I was told that they would like to be available to use on any device you would connect to your television or home media center. As an open source application their are plenty of opportunities for incredible things to happen with Boxee.

Boxee Tv Channels

Boxee has announced that they will be releasing their latest significant update to the application on December 4th. Want to get in on the action? I have secured priority invites for The Tech Lunch readers. Follow the link below and fill out your info. Priority invites will get approved in a matter of days instead of weeks, so be patient and enjoy!

Boxee Priority Invite:

quick intro to boxee from boxee on Vimeo.

How to create the patchstick for Apple TV




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