Take Full Advantage of your Gmail

17 11 2008

By Kris at 5:48PM


It is very likely that a lot of people don’t know the full potential of their Gmail account. In this article, I will give you some tips on how to take full advantage of your Gmail account, with its biggest feature: Gmail drive. Gmail Drive is a tool that lets you create a hard drive out on the web that can be accessed right from your computer. Read on for the instructions.

1.    Create a Gmail Account

2.    Install Gmail extension

3.    Go to My Computer>Gmail Drives> Login

4.    Upload a files (under 10Mb)

The Gmail Drive extension treats your Gmail account as a drive so all the files that you uploaded will be in your inbox. But you can filter them. Here is how.


1.    Go to your Gmail

2.    Click “Settings” at the top left

3.    Then click on the Filter Tab> Create a new Filter

4.    In the “From” box type in the e-mail your using for your Gmail Drive ( Most likely your Gmail)> Click next step

5.    Now click on apply the label and choose a label or create one

6.    Make sure you enable the setting to Skip the Inbox  (Archive it)

7.    So every time you put something in you Gmail drive it’ll go right to that label

So now you have a Gmail drive but the downside to this is you can have an upload limit of only 10Mb or so.  As of right now, however, you have around 7 gigabytes of free space and it’ll keep growing.

Another cool feature Google has implemented in Gmail is the ability to see new tools that are being created. To see these tools go to your Gmail and on the top left you’ll see a little green flask and click on it. Then you’ll be taken to a page where you can see what Google is working on. My favorite part is the ability to actually try these tools out simply by clicking Enable. My favorite tool has to be the Google Calendar gadget. Comment




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