MacBook Air going on a Diet

11 11 2008


By Kris at 5:57 PM

AppleInsider has discovered that Apple is going to make their MacBook Air even lighter by replacing the bottom of the MacBook Air chassis with carbon fiber which is used in aircraft parts, bike frames, and high performance car bodies. But now recently computer vendors such as Sony and HP have used this material to construct lighter and thinner laptops. As of now the MacBook Air weights three pounds if Apple just replaces the bottom part of the case then the MacBook Air would lose 100 grams making it only 2.78 pounds. But knowing Apple they’ll most likely make it even lighter then 2.78 pounds. Comment.

“Although AppleInsider publishes the aforementioned information strictly as a rumor, it’s believed the shift to a carbon fiber bottom is far enough along in its development cycle that it could appear in a revision to the MacBook Air sometime next year.”




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