Chuck, the iPhone and Agent 18

11 11 2008

By Jonathan Brownfield at 2:07 AM

For those of you not familiar with NBC’s TV series Chuck, the show is about an average Joe tech geek who ends up secretly working undercover for the CIA.

Many of you may have noticed that Chuck uses an iPhone, but most of you probably haven’t been able to figure which case he is using, The Tech Lunch has the scoop.

Chuck uses the Agent 18 Eco Case.

The Agent 18 iPhone Eco Case fits the iPhone with precision. It is made from high quality recycled plastics. To the touch, it feels solid with a similar texture to that of the Black Macbook. This hard case clearly stands out from the pack due to the precision cutting and the Agent 18 branding. It has a very clean and professional look for those of you who need a case or want to stray from the Aluminum look.

This is definalty my favorite case for the iPhone. A must have for any Chuck fan. Check out for more details.




2 responses

12 03 2010
Karel santral

nice. thanks for sharing…

7 09 2010

awesome…i always wanted to know…thanks for sharing the info…the little things do matter!

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