Massive T-Mobile G1 Bug

9 11 2008

By Spencer at 9:25 PM CST

This is a big one, folks.  For all of those command line junkies, you will understand why this is insanity.  A bug has been found on T-Mobile’s new G1 that executes command line level functions from anywhere on the phone. It seems that, on firmware versions RC29 and lower, typing any command in any place with a text box and hitting “return” will execute said command.  Those out there with G1’s are encouraged to try this by typing “reboot” and hitting enter in any text box setting – your phone should reboot.  This works fairly consistently across many a G1, but it doesn’t work on all of ’em.  Still, a pretty interesting bug to be allowed out of the beta testing phase, but it really isn’t as big as I said it was – Google is putting out a patch in its latest firmware release RC30 and shooting it out to all G1 owners.




One response

10 11 2008

Sometimes bluetooth freezes the phone and I must reboot.
When I to take a picture I can see the screen go out of focus and the picture comes out blurry.
I never had any of these problems with the Wing phone.


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