They Got ‘Em! Craigslist Bank Robber Caught

7 11 2008

By Spencer at 9:55 PM CST

Remember the guy who put the ad on Craigslist in order to rob a bank?  The one where he asked several people to show up, all dressed very similarly, so that people would not be able to readily identify him while he was trying to get away with the loot?  The guy who got away… in an inner tube?  Well, it looks like they caught him.  The man, Anthony J. Curcio, was singled out by the testimony of a homeless man who witnessed the robber behind the bank, three weeks prior to the robbery, with a strange assortment of items – he even furnished a license plate number!  The police are also seeking any information about the inner tube and what role it may have played in the robbery, as they believe it had been stolen.  I guess truth really IS stranger than fiction.

Check out the rest of The Tech Lunch story at Man Robs Armored Truck Using Craigslist

Source: Yahoo! Tech




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