Cheapest way to Share Files

5 11 2008

By Kris at 8:37 AMNC Computing

CEO Stephen Dukker who runs a California based company called NComputing announced that they’ve released a computer which will only consume 1 to 4watts of power compared to a normal computer which consumes around 500 to even a 1000 watts of power. But this method of computing isn’t so clean after you discover that you’ll need a normal computer too. You probably don’t understand this. Let me explain. So you have a computer in the basement filled with all your home movies, pictures, videos, etc. but you want those files to be available around your house let’s say upstairs. So once you setup everything the NComputing device lets you wirelessly see all those home movies, pictures, videos, etc. from that computer in the basement. So you save money by not having to buy another computer to share files with and it saves you the hassle of setting up a shared connection. Also you save some money on the electric bill.Another great part of the NComputing device is that it has no moving parts so in other words it’s more durable and it won’t die on you so fast. The NComputing device is starting to become popular in just the first 20 months the company has sold over 1 million NComputing devices. So don’t be surprised when you start seeing them in schools and libraries.




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