The Asus Eee PC has Competition

30 10 2008

By Kris at 5:06 PM

Well the way things are going now it seems that most computer manufactures are trying to see how low can they go with the price tag and still make a decent machine. Well no other company has lowered that bar like Asus with their Asus Eee PC. But as more companies move toward the netbook market they make better products and nothing else is a better example than the new HP Mini 1000 lineup. The HP Mini 1000 lineup comes in 3 different versions. All 3 run on an Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor.

  • HP Mini 1000: Available now. Comes in a nice smooth black finish. The displays are available in 8.9″ or 10.2″. Starts at $399 For more specs. Click Here
  • HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition: Will be available in mid-December. It’s a limited red edition and will include a 10.2″ display and better features then the original Mini 1000. The HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition starts at $699.
  • HP Mini 1000 with Mobile Internet Experience (MIE): MIE places all your internet needs such as Skype, AIM, browser, email, etc. at your finger tips. This version will come out in January 2009 for $379.




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