Free TV

30 10 2008

By Kris at 7:44 PM

If you’re like me you watch all your TV shows that you missed online. But isn’t annoying to go to 5 different sites to watch 5 different TV shows. Well that’s not going to be a hassle anymore with a site called Fancast. What this site does, is it takes all the shows from popular networks like Fox and CBS and puts them up on Fancast for you to watch. But that’s just the beginning when you sign up for Fancast you get a list of options that lets you choose what kind of TV shows/movies you want Fancast to show you the most of, so if you like to watch Horror Fancast will show Horror TV shows/movies the most. Fancast also has movies like The Girl Next Door, Spy Game, 28 Days later and more. But this is my favorite part of the whole site. IT’S FREE!  Yes I said free so that means you’re wasting your money on TV shows s that you could watch for free. So with this site you could basically cancel your TV subscription and save some money during these hard times. Heck you can even hook up your computer to your TV for no more than $70.




One response

3 11 2008
Philip (Watch TV on PC) Guy

Nice post. Fancast is a nice Internet media website your readers should enjoy. I went a different route and became a tester/user of PC Satellite TV software. Although there’s a very small one-time downloading fee, there’s one top softeware package that over-delivers. It gives newbies more perks and ease of use when accessing almost an unlimited number of Worldwide sports, TV shows, movies and much more. This comes from an all-in-one member’s area and hi-tech Satellite TV player.

On the other hand, skeptics are assured there’s no funny business as they will receive a risk-free, scam-free Internet TV/Radio/VOD environment. This includes an 1-800 tech support # with 24/7 email support, video tutorials, lifetime membership consisting of free channel updates, software upgrades, and money back guarantee. As a member, users will get access to over 28,000 Internet TV/Radio/VOD media for free.

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