Windows 7

28 10 2008

By Kris at 5:55 PM

So Microsoft is working on the next release of the Windows OS, dubbed Windows 7.The reason for the shift in name change away for year dated releases was originally started with Windows XP, with which Microsoft had hoped to move away from the old scheme of yearly platform releases to a download-to-update.  For some reason or another they shied away from this release method and returned to the older shelf release scheme with Vista.  Despite the return to new product releases every few years, the change from dated name releases stuck with the products, leading to the upcomming release of Windows 7.

Appearance- As of now Windows 7 looks a lot like Vista but that’s not necessarily a bad thing because you have to admit Windows Vista doesn’t look to bad. Microsoft has added a couple of cool features to its appearance, one such being depending on wallpaper choice the OS will attempt to match a custom aero theme to compliment it, as well as being able to create your own themes. In addition to that Windows 7 will have a tool called ClearType text tuner which lets you tune the text throughout the OS for your taste. Microsoft has also decided to drop the sidebar, instead leting the widgets roam freely around the desktop.

Libraries- Windows 7 has a new feature called libraries which helps you organize your data. What I mean is that you could have music scattered all over your hard drive in different locations but Windows 7 will keep track of it and allow you to easily access all your music as if it were cotained within one folder. This doesn’t just apply to music as it also works with photos, videos, documents, and more.

Performance- A writer at Gizmodo, Wilson Rothman, did a good job at explaining Windows 7’s performance, and as such the description is best left in his own words: “For starters, even the early build of Windows 7 feels like a fast, stable environment. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes to make the OS more usable, one monumental improvement being how video memory is allocated for unseen windows. (Hint: It’s not.)

The result is a highly responsive machine that gets decent battery life. Though specs aren’t out yet, Windows boss Steve Sinofsky confirmed that it could run on systems with just 1GB of RAM.”

So it looks like Windows 7 will run on low end hardware unlike Vista. Also Windows 7 is so thin that Steve Sinofsky showed off an Asus EeePC running Windows 7. The EeePC was running on a 1GHz processor and only 1GB of RAM. It was hard enough to run XP on an EeePC and you could forget about Vista.

UAC (User Account Control)- Well looks like Microsoft has noticed the angry users that were pissed off about UAC because in Windows 7 there is a little slide bar that lets you choose how often you want those dreaded pop ups to come up.

Multi-Touch- Windows 7 will include support for multi-touch displays.

Security- As of now Microsoft didn’t release any information about a new Windows Defender or some kind of Anti-Virus. But Windows 7will have a new utility which will replace the Windows Security Center with the Windows Solution Center. The Windows Solution Center includes monitoring Windows Firewall, Automatic Updating, virus and spyware protection, Internet security settings, and User Account Control, Windows PC maintenance, backup, troubleshooting, Network Access Protection (NAP), and more.

Windows Apps- Windows 7 will also have a new Paint which is supposed to have a ton of changes made to it. Microsoft also made a light weight Media player that boots faster and doesn’t hog computer resources. Microsoft is also working on a new Media Center.

Conclusion- So overall it looks like Windows 7 will be a great OS and it’s only going to get better as developers create a better OS for everyone. Windows is supposed to come out in 2010 so they have a lot of time to make it better.

Gizmodo’s Windows 7 Walktrhough




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28 10 2008

What about backwards compatibility for programs?

12 08 2010

“Google recently launched Google Buzz, a social network like Twitter and Facebook. It allows you to share thoughts, photos, links and more. The first time you open Google Buzz, your friends will be added automatically based on your contacts in GMail, and you can see them udpate. This is a smart way of Google to enable users to understand what Google is, any one here have use google buzz? i read in here

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