Cool It USB Beverage Chiller Review

23 10 2008

By Jonathan at 1:00 AM

Cool It Systems, the creators of high end desktop cooling solutions, has given us their USB Beverage Chiller to play around with.

The whole thing runs off of USB power, which is great for a desktop computer user. Not so great for notebook users. The chiller worked perfectly on my iMac and Macbook Air, but it was useless on a few of my older laptops. It takes about 5W and 1.2 volts of power to run, which means it will still work on your XBox 360 (finally use to those neglected USB ports). The Chiller was really nice to have this evening while I was playing Halo 3 and drinking red bull.

The beverage chiller works surprising well when using an already cold soda can. We tested it out using a metal soda can, glass bottle, plastic bottle, and a plastic cup.

The device worked rather well, reaching a decently cold temperature quickly after being plugged in, though it only reaches a temperature where it will keep the drink from further warming, not actively cool it.

The chiller worked great when used with metal or glass containers, but when I tried to keep drinks cool with in a plastic bottle or cup the beverage chiller was worthless. This obviously makes sense, since plastic is not a conductive material. Just to confirm that the chiller was actually doing its job, I took two cans of Coke and placed them side by side. I left for 30 minutes and when I came back, the soda placed on the USB Beverage Chiller was significantly lower temperature than the control soda.

My biggest problem with the device in the audible noise it produces when plugged in. The USB Beverage Chiller has an internal fan on the back that is fairly loud. When placing the chiller next to my completely quite iMac, I am reminded of my youth: sitting in front of a noisy computer in my high school’s computer lab. A great addition to the product would be an on/off switch.  As it is in order to power the device off I have reach around my computer and unplug it every time, which makes me very glad that I don’t have a traditional desktop tower. If you are going to bother with such a noisy device a simple on/off switch really should be a must.

Price: $25





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10 12 2008
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27 01 2012
Peet van Staden

Are there some of these available in South-Africa.?

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