Is the Mac Mini Dead?

21 10 2008

By Jonathan at 12:01 CST

Rumors are spreading that the Mac Mini is finally dead. The Mac Mini is said to be Apple’s worst selling machine, so falling off the Apple product line is very┬áplausible. European retailers are saying the Apple refuses to send them more of the cute little computers, and that they shouldn’t expect any more shipments.

Could this really mean that the Mini is dead or does it mean that Apple is going to refresh the Mini at its next keynote? Apple quit shipping the original iPhone months before the iPhone 3G came out so that they could exhaust their supply.

The Mac Mini was a great machine for its time. It was the most affordable Apple computer at the time and packed a lot of punch for its tiny size. Although the Mini was often left behind in the product updates race, it was able to keep up with everything in its class, as well the basic Macbooks. The Mini was put to great use by many people as a transition computer, car computer, and media center. The Mini was also great for people with kids or to use as a cheap, small, quite, and reliable computer, as well as serving as a relaible server for others.




2 responses

22 10 2008
Lady VoIP

Perhaps Mac has decided against anything affordable :-p

23 10 2008

Well many people thought that Apple was going to release a $800 dollar laptop to compete in the netbook market, but they didn’t. So I doubt that Apple would kill their cheapest and most affordable Mac. .

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