Five Reasons To Not Ditch The Desktop

21 10 2008

By Jonathan at 4:00 AM

I run into a lot of people nowadays who are getting rid of their current desktop and laptop setup to sport a single a computer that takes on both roles. I agree with many of you that laptops are more powerful than ever before, and especially now we are seeing many laptops that can perform at about the same level as their less mobile counterparts. Despite this, having both a desktop and laptop can be a huge advantage.

  1. Having both a desktop and a laptop creates a backup computer to use in case one of them gets stolen or broken. What happens if you crack the screen on that single laptop? Having both is also a convenience factor. Having a desktop that is always ready to go can be your best friend when you are in a hurry. Plus do you really want to unpack your laptop and connect it all up every time you want to use the computer?
  2. Desktops usually don’t have a heat issue, depending on the build. A lot of laptops can get a really from extended/intensive use, and some may also reduce their overall system performance to maintain cool temperature. Do you really want your laptop slowing down because of heat? With both a desktop and a laptop: you can run the stressful tasks on your desktop and reserve the laptop for lighter loads.
  3. With two computers, you can multitask. Did you ever want to look up something, but you were in the middle of game or processing raw files? With two computers, you can play a game on one, while at the same time, be chatting and surfing the web. In a work case: you can use all of your desktop resources encoding HD raw video on the desktop, and use the laptop preview the already processed files.
  4. Always have access to your data, as well as storage space. If you are like me, you have over 4TB of hard drives connected to your desktop. You would, hopefully, never want to or be able to carry all of that with you. By having two computers, you can leave all the drives at home and remotely access the data from most anywhere in the world.
  5. A high performance desktop and a low end laptop is often a better value than a single high end laptop. You can get similar if not better performance out of a desktop as you can a high end laptop for a reduced price, though as new technology continues deployment into the field and home environment this price difference is leveling off a bit. However, the desktop will continue to hold greater value as you may upgrade older components to newer, higher end models as they are released as opposed to having to completely replace the equivalent laptop.



3 responses

21 10 2008
Erwin Blonk

I think points 1 and 3 have more to do with having multiple computers or not, not if it shoudl be a laptop or PC.
The other point are very valid and I have an extra though with point 5. You might want a high end PC (maybe even a server) and a low end laptop and put remote software on the high end machine (TS, VNC or even a paid service like LogMeIn or GoToMyPC) so you combine the power of a desktop with the mobility of a laptop. The money you save on the laptop could even be considered to pay for the cost of a mobile internet connection, making your desktop even more readily available.

Right now I have a new semi-budget laptop and an old desktop. I plan to replace the desktop next year, make it high end and let the laptop, which is performing very well right now, slide into the supporting role.

21 10 2008
Lady VoIP

First of all #3 makes me think of WoW. Two boxing my buddy’s account on my laptop is not nearly as cool as having two separate computers to farm with!

In all seriousness though I see people committing to one laptop over the laptop-desktop combo as the logical step. It is much the same as people committing to their cellphones and getting rid of their home land lines. True there maybe some conveniences in having the option between phones, I may have to charge my cell more often, but it is worth the investment of having both? For me paying for a land line isn’t worth it. Likewise while I have both a laptop and a desktop now, when the desktop goes I will probably not bother replacing it.

27 10 2008

Great post! I like looking at it from that angle.

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