The New iGoogle

16 10 2008

By Kris at 5:45 PM

New iGoogle Layout 

New iGoogle Layout

Well lately Google has been in the news a lot with their first Android phone coming out, their 10 year anniversary, Picasa 3, and now Google has just released some updates for iGoogle. For those of you who haven’t heard of iGoogle let me explain. iGoogle is a tool from Google that lets you create your own home page in which you can have an assortment of gadgets you can choose from a huge library, ranging from things like what the weather is to what’s in the news. iGoogle lets you completely customize your home page with artist themes and let you separate pages for specific topics such as news.

To get iGoogle you have to sign up here. So now let me get to the new updates. iGoogle now has a cleaner user interface with the tabs on the left now everything doesn’t look all crushed together. Also the gadgets are a little darker now and the font looks a lot better. Google also added a cool feature called canvas view which lets you see your gadgets collapsed or in full screen mode so in other words you could view your RSS pages in a larger window and work in Gmail from iGoogle. But as for performance, Google hasn’t changed too much, so I guess this update was just for the eye candy. But the worst part about this is that Google selected a small number of users and developers to test the product. So not everyone will get the new iGoogle automatically but there is still hope you can get the new iGoogle manually. Here are the directions.

1) Go to
2) Enter this in your address bar to get the new iGoogle:


3) Enter this in your address bar to get back the old iGoogle:





2 responses

16 10 2008

this makes igoogle more useful. now who will go for some other services
Google is simply rocking over the internet

16 10 2008

Yea hopefully Google won’t become a monopoly

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