Turning you iMac Into A Portable Computer

15 10 2008

By Jonathan at 12:39 AM CST

When most people think of a portable Apple computer, they ponder images of the Macbook family. The iLugger by LTA Projects turns the iMac into your next portable machine.

The iLugger is the perfect compliment to your 20 or 24 inch iMac. It allows you to take your primary or work-horse computer with you when you travel. This case is idea for snow birds, Macbook and Macbook Air users who need/want a more powerful machine during long trips, college students, and for the very occasional traveler. 

 The iLugger is made of high grade ballistic nylon with a soft fleece material inside to protect your precious Apple desktop. The case features several storage areas for external hard drives, cables, full size keyboard, and a mouse. You have three standard carrying options: strong suit case handles, shoulder strap, or as a backpack. All three options offer easy carrying for even the weakest of geeks. 

Through real world experiences, the iLugger has proven to be a worthy investment. I use a 20 inch Aluminum iMac and a Macbook Air as my primary computers. Because of the iLugger, I have been able to take my iMac on numerous trips, where I otherwise wouldn’t have. During times when my Air’s performance will not cut it, the iMac and iLugger is always ready for the commute. The iLugger is considered a carryon for most domestic flights, but I defiantly would not check it. The rip and water proof construction is only designed for normal transportation. 

If you are looking for an iMac case you can check, I would recommend the iMcruzer by Pelican: http://www.casesbypelican.com/computers/apple-imac-24.htm

The iLugger comes in seven colors ranging in price from $120 to $180. You can pick up an iLugger from LTA Projects at: http://www.ilugger.com




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