Goggles. . .?

15 10 2008

By Emily at 1:15 PM CST

Have you ever woken up, checked your e-mail and found one or more messages asking “What were you DOING last night?”, and not had a clue what they were talking about? (Usually this phenomenon is brought on by alcohol) So you go to check your sent messages and realize you wrote long gushy e-mail to your ex, professing your undying love, or a to that cute guy in accounting that you have a huge crush on and spilled your deepest, darkest secrets to him.

Google is setting out to stop this with a new setting called “goggles”. Goggles requires you to complete 6 math problems in 60 seconds. If you answer incorrectly, your message will not be sent, and G-mail gives you the helpful suggestion of water and bed. If you enable this setting, it will automatically be set for 10pm-4am friday and saturday. But this can be adjusted if you find yourself being more of a “thirsty thursdayer”.

I chose to perform a “dry run” if you will, of this setting and  tried it on all 5 strengths. I find it hard to believe that it would prevent you from sending e-mails. Yes, the math makes you think, but it’s all fairly simple, elementary level problems. Perhaps it would work if you were so obliterated you no longer recognized numbers, but if you’re that far gone, chances are you won’t be able to type either. For now I would just recommend making sure your computer is out of reach if you tend to be a regular “drunk e-mail-er”.




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15 10 2008


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