Core i7 “Nehalem” Launch Date Confirmed

15 10 2008

By Spencer at 7:54 PM CST

If you’re anything like me, you want the latest in desktop computing technology.  You want to build your own computers from scratch and then overclock the hell out of them, just for kicks.  You upgrade parts all of the time… well, you understand.  The next generation of Intel microprocessors, codename Nehalem, and the X58 chipset will be released November 16, 2008.  Nehalem features many design changes over the previous Core microarchitecture, including a native quad core design with their own version of AMD’s HyperTransport – a very fast, high bandwidth system bus – known as QuickPath Interconnect.  Nehalem will be released in three flavors clocked at 2.66GHz ($284), 2.93GHz ($562), and 3.2GHz ($999).  The 3.2GHz version, the i7-965, is the Extreme edition processor featuring an unlocked multiplier.  All will be 4 cores with 2 threads per core – yep, they’re reviving HyperThreading.  I’ll be first in line at, card in hand, for one of these bad boys.  Anyone else with me?

Source: TechARP




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