Apple Keynote Recap

14 10 2008

By Jonathan at 8:00 PM



For those of you who were not at the keynote or have not seen it, The Tech Lunch has a quick recap for you.

During yesterday’s Keynote (October 14th, 2008), Apple launched two new notebook updates. A completely redone Macbook and Macbook Pro. These new Macbooks sport all aluminum shells, full glass displays and trackpads, as well as Nvidia graphics. The new Macbook, Macbook Air, and Macbook Pro all come with Nvidia’s new state of the art 9400M graphics chipset. In addition, the Macbook Pro also comes with the Nvidia 9600 GT for even more graphics performance.

The keynote focused on the production of previous generation Macbooks and Macbook Pros and how Apple is making the new ones stronger and lighter using a new construction method. Apples is now carving a unibody frame from a chunk of Aluminum, an idea borrowed from the Macbook Air. Before, Apple was starting with a thin piece of metal and adding parts to it for strength. The new unibody construction is stronger and lighter than previous Macbook Pros.

The third new product that Apple introduced yesterday, was a 24 inch Apple Cinema display. The first Cinema display with an all glass screen, similar to the iMac’s display. The screen is designed for and beautifully compliments the new Macbook and Macbook Pro. 

To see a replay of the keynote, check out Apple’s website at:




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