Bush signs new anti-piracy law

13 10 2008

By Chad at 8:50PM

Today President Bush, in an attempt to topple Truman’s all time low approval rating, signed into law the PRO-IP Act. The act will create an intellectual property czar that will answer directly to the president. The PRO-IP Act was backed by IP protection organizations like the RIAA and the MPAA, but has drawn a lot of criticism for the ridiculous power it grants the government. Currently the government could use the act to seize all computers and compatible devices if just one infringing video or audio file is found. An IP czar isn’t expected to be appointed until after Bush’s term in office ends in January.




One response

13 10 2008
Lead Page Generator Girl

So many people will get in trouble with this.
Will this be the end for p2p networks?
Time will tell.

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