Apple Word on the Streets

11 10 2008

By Jonathan at 11:00 PM


Word on the street is that not only will the Macbook line be sharing the keynote spotlight, but both iLife and iWord might be getting an over haul. We will see this Tuesday.




4 responses

14 10 2008

Wheres the word? I haven’t heard anything. Any links or sources to check out?

14 10 2008

Mac Soda received a tip about it. They are the same group that started the Nividia Macbook rumors.

14 10 2008

That would be great considering I use iWork. I love using the newest features. I doubt there would be a new iLife though since they released the newest last October with Leopard. Don’t they only release new iLife suites with their OS releases primarily?

15 10 2008

No iLife or iWork obviously. The usually do release it with their OS. I was actually figuring that along with the new Macbooks, Apple would release Snow Leopard.

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