Upgrade your wireless to N, but only as a separate network

10 10 2008

By Jonathan 10:56 PM


I recently added N to my G network. I highly recommend it for the speed and range increase. Transferring 18 gigs of data on my G network took 4 hours, while my N network took a little less than two hours to complete. The range on my N network is significantly stronger vs my G network. 

If you are planning on upgrading to N, I strongly recommend adding the N infrastructure as a separate network. If you simply replace everything with N, every time a G device connects up to your network, the entire network will slow down to G. So the tens to hundreds of dollars you just spent are all a waste.




2 responses

13 10 2008

Do you know if having an iPhone 3G connected does the same thing? The wifi in it uses G and I have an AEBS which needs to be set to mixed mode due to this. I don’t have any other G devices.

13 10 2008

Yes it does do the same thing. The iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch all have wireless G chips inside them. If you have the iPhone connected up to your N network, the entire network will slow down the G. I recommend going into your settings and telling the router to only transmit N, this away you can insure nothing slows it down.

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