Touching on the new Macbooks & Macbook Pros

9 10 2008

By Adam at 8:00 PM


So it is now official, Apple has sent out invites to the press for a special event on Tuesday October 14th. The rumor mill has been churning out all kinds of stories about the so called “brick” that was previously thought to be a possible Apple TV upgrade of some sort. Considering how many years its been since Apple has released a significant upgrade to their hugely popular notebook line, we welcome a changing of the guard. I purchased my second revision Macbook Pro in October 2006 and since then at least one more revision was released with upgraded processors and a gesture sensitive touchpad. A lot has happened since the release of the Macbook line up. The most noteworthy item to emerge has been the surge in gesture controlled devices such as the ever popular iPhone and iPod Touch.

A number of patents were submitted in the past that would lead us to believe that an advanced gesture based touch interface will be one of the key features showcased on Tuesday. I for one welcome this addition and see it as a way for Apple to usher in the right way to apply a gesture based user interface to a notebook and eventually a desk top like their iMac line.

Everyone has their own predictions about what Apple will unveil. Some based on fact and some on fantasy. What would you like to see in the new Apple notebooks?




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10 10 2008

wow keren

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