Is the iPod dead?

8 10 2008

By Jonathan at 5:12 PM


One of Apple’s best selling and most profitable devices is the iPod. In a recently conducted interview with the daily telegraph, Apple’s co-founder Steve Woz explains his prediction for the iPod. According to Steve the iPod is approaching the end of its shelf life, similar to that of the transistor radio and the walkman. He explains that the digital music business will soon make a transition into something else. Obviously this is not good Apple, since the iPod along with Steve Jobs revitalized the company back in the 1990s. Will new technology ultimately claim Apple’s doom or will they stay cutting edge and revolutionize the music industry once more?




2 responses

9 10 2008

I don’t think that the iPod is dead as much as saturated a market that it created. There are only so many households that don’t have 1 more ipods. I was also wondering what could the digital music industry possibly transition to so soon. I think the answer is… devices that stream your content via the web and wi-fi? Pandora, Last.Fm, Imeem and iTunes would deliver personal radio stations as well as your own content to you wherever you are on devices like the iPhone and iPod Touch. No?

9 10 2008

I was actually thinking something similar to that as well.

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