Animoto Review

8 10 2008

By Kris at 6:54 PM


Are you tired of dull photo slide shows and their boring transitions? Well a online web application called Animoto could solve all your problems. Animoto is web application that lets you make a slide show for 30 seconds or pay $3 for a slide show that is as long as your song. So let me explain the process of Animoto well first you have to register at Animoto. After that when you want to make a slide show, Animoto  takes a selection of photos you choose either from your computer, or from a social networking site such as Flickr.

Then after that you select a song either from their library or from your computer. After that it runs your photos and music through an engine which makes the beat of the song and your photos go together as if a professional did it. Then you could close down the site because Animoto sends you an e-mail when your video is ready. After that you choose how you want the video ( download,E-mail to friend,DVD,You Tube,iphone,or embed code. But lets say you don’t like how the pictures are moving around or something like that you could tell Animoto to remix your video, but here is the cool part no two videos are ever the same. So when it’s done Animoto will send you an e-mail. Well I’m guessing that some of you are thinking that “what I don’t want to pay $3 per video when I could make my own photo slide show for free”. Well I’m telling you that you and your and family are going to be shocked when they see the slide show. But if you really like Animoto you could buy a year subscription for olny $30 and you can make as many videos as you please.So go to and register!!(Out of 5 stars I give Animoto 5)

Here is what a Animoto Video looks like- Maui Animoto




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