7 10 2008

By Kris at 4:51 PM

So recently I had to make a PowerPoint presentation and I was looking at the effects and transitions in PowerPoint and I noticed that most of them were either boring or just plain out cheesy. So I know that apple’s Keynote is awesome but I don’t have a Mac, so I did a little research and discovered a neat little web app called SlideRocket. SlideRocket is a app that makes you pretty cool presentations and the transitions and effects are something like in Keynote. SlideRocket allows you to publish your slide show onto the web which allows you to see what others think of your work.

SlideRocket also allows you to collaborate your presentations with colleagues or friends. But I’m guessing that half of you who are reading this must be wondering if you can import from PowerPoint and the answer is yes. But the effects and transitions from PowerPoint don’t work in SlideRocket yet, but I’m sure there working on it since there still in beta. SlideRocket also has a offline player so if where your going to present somewhere with no internet or the internet is slow. But what my favorite part is that this app is free to use all you have to do is register. SlideRocket said that in the future there planning on charging people for better packages of SlideRocket but they also said that they will have a free edition that doesn’t contain all the nice goodies. So go to and enjoy.




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