Picasa 3

6 10 2008

By Kris at 5:15 PM

Google has released Picasa 3 into beta on September 2, but for those of you who haven’t heard of Picasa then let me give you a little history lesson. Picasa is a program that manages and edits your photos and videos. Picasa was created by Idelab at first, but it wasn’t too famous, but then in 2004 that was when Picasa sky rocketed because google acquired Picasa and released it as a free download. Picasa is a nice program and is mostly used for manging your photos and videos, it also has a light built in editor. Picasa is also quite famous for its cool features such as you could make online photo albums, colleagues, blog about a picture at blogger, and backup your photo and video library. One of the more famous features in Picasa is it’s ability to back up your library, I personally love Picasa’s back up system because it’s easy to use and hassle free. If you really want to use Picasa¬† to its full extent then I would probably recommend Picasa 2 since Picasa 3 has some bugs since it’s in beta. But then again what isn’t in Beta from Google.




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