Walmart Going DRM Free

5 10 2008

By Kris at 5:20 PM


To all those who have bought music from Walmart’s online store, I’m sorry to say, but your music collection is about to disappear. You have until October 9th to get your music collection backed up, because Walmart has decided that they are going to be DRM free, so they are shutting down their DRM servers along with your DRM music. This is a good thing for new customers, since their music is going to be DRM free. That means Walmart can’t tell you what you can do with your music. But as for the old customers, your music collection is as good as gone unless you back up. Walmart also declared that they will not be able to assist anyone after October 9th. So make sure you back up your music! But for those who aren’t buying from any online store but are hoping to, I recommend Amazon, because their music is DRM free, and they have a huge library.




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