First Tech Review – Mophie iPhone juicepack

4 10 2008

By Jonathan at 2:00 PM CST

Tomorrow we will be doing our first product review. Mophie is sending us their iPhone juicepack. It’s scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning. Stay Tuned.

10.3.08 Update:
Still waiting for UPS to bring the Juicepack

Our juicepack from Mophie (mstation) finally arrived. The juicepack is an external battery pack and case for the iPhone. What makes Mophie’s battery extender unique is that it fits right onto the iPhone as opposed to having a cable attached.

The juicepack is a great complimentry device for the iPhone – perfect for long road trips or anyone who uses their phone heavily. Unfortunatly, I do both. I am currently driving to Lincoln on bussiness. This trip will be a perfect test. My colleague is driving, which gives me ample opportunity to use the iPhone extensively. As a heavy user I am lucky if my iPhone lasts an entire day on a single charge. I am going to attempt to go without charging the phone for the entire two day trip. According to Mophie it should exceed my expectations.

The juicepack slides on to the iPhone very easily. The extender it also targeted as a case, but I don’t see it offering much protection. The bottom of the phone is encased in rubber, but the top is completly exposed. I am not an avid gadget dropper, but every time I have dropped something encased in rubber, it bounces up and falls onto the other side. The juicepack increases the iPhone’s weight significantly. No exact figures yet, but I will weigh it later on. The weight is mainly an issue when typing, because your arms can get tired. The second disadvantage I see to the device is it is not very ergonomicly friendly to your hands, because the pack adds an extra half an inch to the phone.

The pack was really well designed. It feels very solid in your hands. The rugged on the back and sides is of high quality. The two features I love the most about it is the cut out for the camera and the battery indication lights. The cut out doesn’t cut off any part of the camera and can be very useful. If you flip the phone upside down, the battery pack acts like a lens hood. The battery light indication is very similar to the ones found on the Macbooks and Macbook Pros.

Unfortunately the usage counter does not work while the juicepack is attached. We have been driving for a while now and I have been heavily using my phone for the past four hours. The juicepack is showing that it is only halfway depleted. We’ll see how long it lasts!!!

Check back tomorrow to find out if the juicepack along with the iPhone’s battery will last two days of heavy use.

After approximately five hours of heavy use and six hours of standby, the Mophie Juicepack has lost all charge. But I still have a fully charged iPhone 🙂




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10 11 2008
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