2 10 2008

Hello everyone!  I am one of the editors and co-founders.  Welcome to our blog, The Tech Lunch!

I’m just going to give a brief synopsis of how this blog came to be for historical purposes.  Anyone surfing this far back can know how this came to be when our tech blog is infinitely popular than it is now.  Jon and I have lunch together, a lot.  We like tech, a lot.  We decided to make a blog that is about technology.  Dan joined in our group (or we joined his?) and here we are.

I will be focusing on PC coverage, especially enthusiast level parts – think Engadget without all of the other stuff.  We’re about the real meat of computers.  Forget cameras and annoying USB rocket launcher.

Jonathan here! I will be covering primarily Apple and Gadget related content. The staff at The Tech Lunch each contribute unique interests and opinions, which is one greatest things about our site. Our content will be very diversified.

Dan the man will be covering all sorts of topics. You will find out about the rest of our staff as time goes on.

Wish Us Luck!




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